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The Rift, checking Interest

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Old 13 Apr 2012, 16:51
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Default Re: The Rift, checking Interest
Seeing as many are offering on level players... and the ocasionall 54 is also ok for me...

I might try to get On-level Raid together, i got atleast 3 from my kin that have lvl 50 alts that could come and my LM is at 48 so could get him to 50 easy...

the hardest part would be a balanced group hehe... i know which classes we need and how to ballance it and that would pose a problem...

though i will also try to run a over-level raid, this is much easier to set up

Once it gets scaled though... I'll be the first to sign up to the Rift raid 75 ^^

its good to see there is interest, and i will give it a hard thought how i can set it up...

either over-level or on-level... thanks all!!
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Old 17 Apr 2012, 21:41
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Default Re: The Rift, checking Interest
I'd love to do Rift again (as I've stated in many other posts already). Also because I want 2 more pieces form there and just want to do all the quests from the items form last 2 bosses.
Can offer my majorly over-leveld CPT if needed (needs the stuff there) or maybe my 53 MNS (although I've not done much group healing tbh, so very rusty on him).
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